"Francis Takes Political Games With Migrant Families Very Seriously"~R Talley

In a message to a gathering of Mexican politicians and diplomats from the Holy See, Pope Francis said the fundamental rights and dignity of migrants must be protected, and “particular concern must be shown for migrant children and their families.”

The article in CNA or Catholic News Service, read:  "Pope: Migrants should be protected, especially children and families."

In his June 14 message to the symposium, the pope said migration is not about numbers, but people, and “these persons, our brothers and sisters, need ongoing protection, independently of whatever migrant status they may have.”
He also urged greater protection for victims of human trafficking rings, and those who have been displaced due to conflicts,natural disasters and persecution
“All of them hope that we will have the courage to tear down the wall of comfortable and silent complicity that worsens their helplessness,” he said, adding that “they are waiting for us to show them concern, compassion and devotion.”

Sen. Hatch Speaks Out For Our LGBT Brothers, Sisters-R Talley

An epidemic of teen suicides drove Hatch to reconsider his previous thinking. A report published last week by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed Utah has the fifth highest suicide rate in the nation. About 630 of Hatch’s constituents kill themselves each year – around one every 14 hours. Many of the victims are gay or transgender teenagers who experience bullying and discrimination. The stigma is especially strong in a state as conservative and religious as Utah, where some young gay people still become ostracized and estranged from their families.

Watch the video of his address here on YouTube.   

Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), a socially conservative 84-year-old Mormon, was long one of the most outspoken critics of gay people in Congress.
Hatch came to understand this by talking to parents, visiting schools and studying various reports. The CDC has found that LGBT youth seriously contemplate suicide at almost three times the rate of their straight peers and are almost fi…

"Trump's Game Now: Get Out Of Jail Free Will Protect Me" R Talley

Blagojevich was charged with trying to sell the U.S. Senate seat that opened when Barack Obama became president to the highest bidder. Initially, he wanted to trade the appointment of Valerie Jarrett – who has been in the news this week because of Roseanne Barr’s racist tweets – in exchange for Obama picking him as secretary of health and human services. When the president-elect’s intermediaries rebuffed him, he turned elsewhere and wondered how much he could get for appointing someone else to the seat. He also thought about naming himself.

President Trump said Thursday that Rod Blagojevich “shouldn’t have been put in jail.”

After pardoning conservative pundit Dinesh D’Souza, who pleaded guilty to violating campaign-finance laws, Trump told reporters traveling aboard Air Force One that he is considering commuting the prison sentence of the disgraced former Illinois governor and pardoning Martha Stewart, who was convicted of lying to investigators and obstructing justice related to insid…

Diplomatic Reality Show Ratings Way Down R Talley

The president’s unpredictability once worked to his advantage—but now, it is producing a mounting list of foreign-policy failures.

Change of Plans:  President Trump abruptly canceled his planned summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in a personal letter that displayed characteristically contradictory tones and messages. Here’s the full text.

While Trump cited an angry statement from North Korea as the immediate reason for his decision, that statement was prompted in part by a clash about denuclearization methods rooted in Libya’s recent history. A senior White House official also described “a profound lack of good faith” on North Korea’s part in the summit planning process.

Now, David Frum writes, it’s Trump who is facing a foreign-policy reckoning—and his global standing can only get worse.

The Atlantic article here.  

Trump's New Reality Show--Diplomacy R Talley

This past week, after Trump torched transatlantic trust by unilaterally violating the terms of the Iran deal, the highly respected German magazine Der Spiegel, wrote an editorial proclaiming that “our relationship to the United States cannot currently be called a friendship and can hardly be referred to as a partnership. President Trump has adopted a tone that ignores 70 years of trust.” In most of Europe, Trump is a tragic punchline, not a statesman who leads the West.

President Trump has forged a new category of international relations that I would call ‘diplotainment,’ and the Singapore meeting is going to demonstrate diplotainment at its pinnacle,” said Daniel Russel, who served as senior Asia director at the National Security Council under President Barack Obama. “Imagine the size the crowd is going to be in Singapore — it’s going to be ‘huge.’ But those are very different deliverables than, say, the complete, verifiable, irreversible denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.”

We …

A Historical Precedent: A President Mentally Ill Enough To Make Us Extinct R Talley

Well, as we all know, the world knows, The Economist says that he is "bonkers".  Simple as that.  Stupid besides making it all worse.  The British, Canadians, Asia, the entire globe, is weary of this and they are also terrified of the man.  

His behavior, impulsive, paranoid, unpredictable in the extreme, Trump could, and might yet, cause the greatest catastrophe mankind has ever known.  

Japan, sadly, knew it all too intimately.  But now the whole world  may see themselves dying--either instantly or agonizing slowly from radiation poisoning, famine, nonexistent medical care, and we go out not with a bang, some of us, but the majority with a silent, pitiful, whimper.  

First we'll watch our loved ones die horribly.  Imagine our final sights, sounds, thoughts, and living hell in the time it takes to arm and deploy thousands of warhead-tipped missiles.

The New York magazine piece reports that former White House advisers Sean Spicer and Reince Priebus sought to deliberately dri…

Poverty Now Again Being Tackled By The Poor Themselves--R Talley

A conversation with campaign co-chair Rev. Liz Theoharis about finishing what MLK started. 
If we go back to our sacred texts and traditions—the bible is a form of mass media that talks more about uplifting the poor than any other topic. This 40 to 50 year attack on poor people, of blaming poor people for their and everyone’s problems—how you counter that isn’t by throwing out the word poor, or only talking about the middle class, only talking about economic insecurity, without naming the reality that almost half the population in the United States is experiencing.  [We need] to break through the current narrative in our society. That narrative is one that blames poor people for their poverty, pits us against each other, and claims that there’s scarcity when we’re really living in a society and world of abundance. We are going to do a sustained season of organizing [for 40 days]; it’s both to connect up, and wake people up, and say that you’re not alone and there is a movement to join—a…