Comey Will Take Trump Out For Us & The World

As if on cue, hours before the interview aired, Mr. Trump called Mr. Comey a “slimeball” for the second time in three days, saying in a pair of early-morning Twitter posts that he belonged in jail for what the president said were lies to Congress and leaks of classified information. In another post, Mr. Trump said Mr. Comey would go down in history as “the WORST FBI Director in history, by far!” He added that “he is not smart!”

Mr. Comey said Mr. Trump and his aides seemed interested only in what the former F.B.I. director called the “P.R. and spin” about the is
Some of the most startling assertions by Mr. Comey revolved around his first meeting with the president-elect at Trump Tower just days before the inauguration. That day, intelligence officials, including Mr. Comey, briefed the incoming president on Russia’s attempt to meddle with the election.

The conversation, to my surprise, moved into a P.R. conversation about how the Trump team would position this and what they could say abou…

In Comey Trump Has Met His Match; It's War

Insulting people is one of the few things for which Trump possesses a genuine talent. But in this case he is facing a mighty challenge.

Referring to his one-on-one dinner with Trump on January 27, 2017, during which the new President told him, “I need loyalty, I expect loyalty,” Comey recalls that it brought him right back to “The Ravenite. The Palma Boys. CafĂ© Giardino.” He writes, “T

o my mind, the demand was like Sammy the Bull’s Cosa Nostra induction ceremony—with Trump in the role of the family boss, asking me if I have what it takes to be a ‘made man’.”

The comparison between the Trump White House and an organized-crime family doesn’t end there. Comey recounts two more White House meetings that also left him feeling compromised. At a White House meeting that was attended by representatives of the intelligence agencies, Trump and his political advisers instigated a discussion about how to respond to the charges against Trump in the infamous dossier compiled by the former British s…

"Paul Ryan ,a Failure, Even on His Own Terms" Observes The New Yorker

As Paul Krugman pointed out back in 2010, Ryan is a flimflam man: his arithmetic has never added up. But what hasn’t been emphasized enough is that Ryan wasn’t merely a purveyor of snake oil and a front man for the conservative billionaires and other wealthy interests whose money has flooded the Republican Party in recent years. He was also a failure on his own terms.
To all appearances, at least, Ryan genuinely believes that the growth of spending on the social safety net presents an existential threat to the United States. In his press conference on Wednesday, he again singled out entitlement reform as the area where “more work needs to be done.” He also praised himself for “normalizing” the idea of entitlement reform.

But this patting of his own back was unjustified. Far from making entitlement reform more likely, Ryan’s actions, particularly his championing of the recent Republican tax bill, have rendered the entire subject utterly toxic for the foreseeable future. With Congress and…

Aviva Chomsky, The Fight Over the Criminalization of Immigrants

Forget Emma Lazarus’s poetry and the Statue of Liberty; you really don’t want to be an immigrant in today’s America. As Dara Lind recently pointed out at Vox, being an immigrant or the child of one (even if you're a U.S. citizen) now means living in a “miasma of fear.” That’s the conclusion of two recent studies of immigrants of every sort, including those who are permanent residents and their children. And who could be surprised in an American world in which, from Donald Trump’s future wall on the border with Mexico to Attorney General Jeff Session’s court assault on California’s immigration policies, the very idea of being an immigrant has been transformed into a vision of crime, gangs, drugs, and that biggest bugaboo of all in our era, terrorists? 

Since Trump’s first day in the presidential race in June 2015 when he denounced Mexican immigrants as “rapists,” he and his associates have never let up.  Demonizing the very idea of immigration, at least from “shithole countries,” wh…

The Radical Vision of Wages for Housework

This alarms me because Marxism has been abandoned and is moribund for good reason.  It is dead wrong though to many it sounds heavenly.  We identify ourselves as Marxist feminists, and take this to mean a new definition of class, the old definition of which has limited the scope and effectiveness of the activity of both the traditional left and the new left. This new definition is based on the subordination of the wageless worker to the waged worker behind which is hidden the productivity, i.e., the exploitation, of the labor of women in the home and the cause of their more intense exploitation out of it. Such an analysis of class presupposes a new area of struggle, the subversion not only of the factory and office but of the community.

To the women of the Wages for Housework movement, the Icelandic strike was a salutary example of their politics in action. Internationalist, anti-capitalist, and feminist, the movement argued that by focusing on women’s unpaid labor inside the home—ch…

Liberal International Order Being Trashed, Pompeo, The Newest Vandal

Daniel Drezner, in the Washington Post, headed this piece just so, "A political eulogy for the most incompetent Secretary of State in modern history.""This precise personnel move was reported in late November, so anyone who is surprised by this really shouldn’t be. By this point, in fact, anyone surprised by the reality-show nature of this White House’s personnel moves has been living in a secluded oasis that I will very much want to visit after writing this."

To get to the meat we go to this statement:  
"Pompeo is far more hawkish than Tillerson on an array of policy issues, particularly Iran. Tillerson’s departure follows the exit of Gary Cohn, which means there are now two fewer voices in Trump’s Cabinet advocating for the benefits of the liberal international order."
I In 2006 he sold his interest in Thayer to Highland Capital Management.  The announcement said clients of the firm included  "Lockheed Martin,  Gulfstream Aerospace,  Cessna Aircraft,  Boei…